When It All Goes To Shit…

We were having such a lovely afternoon. 

I was on top of things. 

Dinner was organised.

Stuff was getting done. 

I got the Youngest’s homework done between school runs and the Eldest actually did his after dinner without moaning much. 

Then the pair of them went on up to their bedroom and played lego happily together for HOURS. 

I should have known really. 

It was never going to last. 

We got so close. SO close.


I sent the Hubby up to tell them to come down for tea before bed.

It kicked off quickly. 

There was an argument gaining momentum fairly quickly over lego. 

It went from nought to 100 in a matter of seconds. 

By the time I made my way up to them, the two kids were in tears screaming at each other and the Hubby was losing his rag about who owned which wardrobe so he could find their pyjamas.

For. F*ck. Sake.

It was bedlam.

I ended up roaring at the lot of them and we all made our way down to the kitchen in the height of it.

It all died down eventually with 2 sullen boys apologising, one Husband  trying to figure out how it went so wrong so quickly and me marching around like a lunatic telling them it was like having 3 kids and they could all shag off.

They’re in bed now (the kids anyway) and all is well again. 

But wait.

It’s PE day tomorrow and it turns out I’d forgotten to wash their tracksuits so now I’m waiting on the wash to finish so I can dry them. 

Happy Monday. 


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